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WIT-NC thanks our Platinum Sponsor, NetApp

NetApp is introducing ONTAP 9: A Survival Tool for the Digital Transformation

Many companies are in a life and death struggle to digitally transform their businesses with new social, mobile, and analytics capabilities at a time of pressing economic stress. New flash and cloud storage technologies can be daunting for customers faced with the economic realities of tight budgets and limited staff.

To help you get the best of both next-generation and traditional IT technologies, we’re pleased to announce NetApp ONTAP 9 – the newest and most powerful version of the industry’s most popular data management platform. ONTAP 9 is designed to simply deliver enterprise-grade data management across any media, any protocol, and any hardware footprint.

A single view of data management across this range of environments offers leverage for customers looking to add flash and cloud resources to their environments without adding management overhead. That means customers can quickly convert their data, wherever it resides, to business value.

For customers looking to do more with less, ONTAP 9 brings a dazzling set of new capabilities that can be easily accessed, monitored and managed through a single pane of glass. No other storage operating system in the world meets such a wide range of needs. Here’s how we’re seeing the data management world changing with ONTAP 9:


  • Guaranteed and SPC-1 validated flash performance
  • HA and high performance on Amazon AWS
  • Triple parity RAID protection


  • Move data freely across flash, disk, and cloud
  • 10 minutes to deploy a new system and start serving data
  • Application-aware protection for Microsoft, VMware and Oracle


  • Guaranteed 4:1 Efficiency for flash
  • First to market with 15TB high-capacity flash drives
  • Deploy as software defined storage on commodity servers