Member Spotlight

Shay OReilly

Member Spotlight: Shay O'Reilly
May 2019

Shay O’Reilly is Global Trade Compliance Manager for Lumentum in Milpitas. Lumentum is a rapidly growing manufacturing organization specializing in advanced photonic technologies, which is fascinating stuff for a trade nerd like Shay. After many years of working in trade roles for various companies, Shay has accumulated a wealth of experience too vast to detail in this short piece. But suffice to say that Shay supports a number of manufacturing locations, trade programs and teams placed in key points around the globe. Shay is part of a dynamic team of professionals dedicated to their best each and every day.

Shay resides in Aptos and enjoys living on his rural property working diverse building and improvement projects. Shay was an avid surfer for many years but is now shifting to high intensity interval training as a more holistic fitness regime. Shay completed his first Spartan Race in December 2018 and is gradually increasing strength and cardio for the next.

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