Newsletter - January 2019


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WIT-NC Board for 2019 * Thank you Vicki * Chinese New Year Celebration * Expanded Program Locations


Please Welcome our 2019 Board of Directors
Happy New Year! Join us in welcoming the 2019 WIT-NC Board of Directors. We have a few vacancies on our Board including Treasurer, Secretary and an Assistant Director of Marketing. This is your opportunity to lean in, learn new skills and learn leadership skills in a safe, supportive environment.

We look forward to another successful year for WIT-NC!

Thank You to Vicki Wilkerson
Join us for our annual Chinese New Year Celebration in February! It features partners from the law firm of Baker & McKenzie with updates from the APAC region. New Location: Jade Cathay Restaurant, 1339 N. First Street, San Jose. The extended program begins at 5:30PM and ends at 8:15PM. Information and registration.

2019 Programs
Due to the federal government shutdown, we rescheduled our January FDA event to May. We'll continue to keep you informed with scheduling updates.

WIT-NC continues its excellent monthly Networking and Educational events in 2019. The venue will rotate as our Sponsors and special opportunities are engaged. This expands WIT-NC's reach beyond the South Bay to both Palo Alto, South San Francisco and San Francisco. We hope to see you on at one of these events soon!