Newsletter - January 2017


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Mark Your Calendar - February Chinese New Year Program * Annual Survey Reminder * Fundraising Director Change * Welcome to WIT-NC 2017 Board * Member and Corporation of the Year.


FEBRUARY PROGRAM - Annual Chinese New Year Program with Baker & McKenzie
Join us at Dynasty Chinese Seafood Restaurant on Wednesday, February 8th for our Annual Chinese New Year Program with Baker & McKenzie. The program will feature two Partners from Baker & McKenzie speaking on the most recent APAC updates including: Cyber-security, encryption and increased restriction in China, U.S. trade developments in relation to trade in strategic goods and technologies with India, APAC Export control update focusing on Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines, China's rising influence in Asian trade policy, Asian views regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership and U.S. trade policy, China and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and changes in the semi-conductor industry between the U.S. and China, other key trade developments in China, and "Trump on Trade" as it pertains to trans-pacific trade. More Info. Register.

Calling all WIT-NC members! If you have not already done so, please take our Annual Survey available here. This survey provides WIT-NC with valuable feedback about our programs and organizations.

WIT-NC is changing the position of "Fundraising Director" to "Sponsorship Director" to more accurately describe the duties of the position. The Sponsorship Director is responsible for communicating the opportunity for companies and organizations to sponsor WIT-NC and for administering the sponsorship program.

Responsibilities of this position include developing and updating the sponsorship web pages and e-blasts, maintaining the sponsorship agreements and levels, and liaising with other WIT-NC board positions to ensure that all sponsors receive the appropriate benefits. The Sponsorship Director regularly reports to the President and the wider board about the progress of the sponsorship program as well as participating with the monthly and special event program planning. If you are interested in getting involved with WIT-NC as the Sponsorship Director or in another capacity, please email Sumika Kawamura, Volunteer Director..

WIT-NC would like to extend their welcome and thanks to the new 2017 Board of Directors. More about the new Board of Directors here.

Every year WIT-NC honors one member and one corporation that deserve special acknowledgement. Their service to the organization supports the WIT-NC mission, vision, and values, and was integral to the success of WIT-NC in 2016.

The 2016 recipient for Corporation of the Year fulfilled both the Sponsorship of Services and Organizational Support criterion for the 2nd year in a row. They donated 1) facilities for monthly programs & quarterly Board meetings, and 2) audio-visual equipment & support. They encouraged and supported employee attendance at programs and employee participation in organizational activities. The support of this corporation has provided continuity, infrastructure, and economic security to WIT-NC. For the 2nd year in a row it is our pleasure and honor to award Corporation of the Year to NetApp. More Info.

The 2016 Member of the Year Award is being awarded to a special individual and WIT-NC Board member and volunteer. As Assistant Treasurer, this WIT-NC member provided day-to-day support, registered attendees every month and had perfect attendance at Board meetings. He has selflessly served WIT-NC for several years and done it with a sense of humor and an attitude of willingness. "Team player", "rock solid" and "unsung hero" are all terms that describe the 2016 Member of the Year. A Trade Compliance Specialist for Tesla Motors, our 2016 Member of the Year is Brian Schibly.