Board of Directors


Chairwoman & OWIT Rep
Laura Tomarchio - Hewlett Packard
Laura Tomarchio is Manager of Global Trade Business Partner Relations for Hewlett Packard. In her role, Laura is responsible for managing the relationships between Hewlett Packard's business units and corporate functions and the Global Trade compliance organization. Prior to her current role, Laura worked in the HP Trade Policy organization where she worked on influencing activities with world bodies such as the World Customs Organization and governments around the world; specifically, she worked on policy matters related to the classification of high tech products and trade facilitation. Prior to HP, Laura did government affairs work in the Washington, D.C. area for the customs law firm of Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg and Glad & Ferguson, P.C. and for Broker Power, which publishes a daily international trade news and research product. Laura has been an active member of WIT, starting out as an officer in the WIT chapter in Washington, DC from 1996-1999 and serving as Vice President (2001-2002) and President (2003) for the Northern California chapter.


Angela Steen - Novell, Inc. Angela Steen is Director of International Trade Services at Novell, Inc. Her role includes responsibility for overseeing the development and execution of corporate trade policies and guidelines to ensure that Novell's global business operations are compliant with U.S. and international trade laws. During her tenure at Novell, she served on the Regulations and Procedures Technical Advisory Committee (RPTAC) and held the co-chair position for the Encryption Sub-Committee. While on the RPTAC, she participated in the re-write of the Export Administration Regulations. For the past year, Angela has served as Treasurer for WIT-NC.


Vice President
Adonica-Jo R. Wada - Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg and Glad & Ferguson, P.C. Adonica-Jo R. Wada is an associate member of Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg and Glad & Ferguson, P.C. in San Francisco office. Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Wada worked as a senior consultant with a large global logistics company where she was responsible for managing compliance audits; preparing binding ruling requests and advising companies on Customs compliance, regulatory and other trade related issues. Ms. Wada also served as a judicial law clerk for the Honorable Charles Z. Smith of the Washington State Supreme Court. She received her J.D. in 1993 from the Chicago-Kent College of Law, and B.A.s in English and History in 1990 from Western Washington University. Ms. Wada has been the Programs Director for WIT-NC during the 2002 board year.


Secretary & Webmaster
Beth Peterson - Open Harbor
Beth Peterson is Vice President of Product Solutions at Open Harbor. She brings over 18 years experience in the logistics and international transportation business to Open Harbor, and is charged with leading the company's marketing and solutions initiatives. Before joining Open Harbor, Peterson served as the vice president of product strategy for Qiva, Inc. in San Francisco, CA, where she was responsible for the design and development of Qiva's suite of supply chain execution and international trade solutions targeted to the logistics market. Prior to joining Qiva, Peterson managed Hewlett Packard's $7.5 billion/year U.S. import operations as the U.S. import operations manager. Previously, Peterson has held executive positions at DHL Airways and Abacus Couriers. She holds her B.A. in Physical Education from San Francisco State University.


Laura Tomarchio - Hewlett Packard (acting)
(please see above under Chairman/OWIT Representative)


Assistant Treasurer
Lynn Wallace - Novell, Inc.
Lynn Wallace is Novell's Export Manager and responsible for the licensing and classification of Novell's products. Prior to Novell, Lynn worked in Tandem's legal department and later served as Trade Manager for the Tandem division of Compaq Computer Corporation. Lynn's trade career has focused on encryption technology. Prior to her career in trade, Lynn was a legal assistant/paralegal. Lynn is a member of the Alliance for Network Security and has represented Compaq and Novell at AeA. Lynn was a charter member of the volunteer board at Tandem and has served as President and Secretary on a child development board, as Secretary of the Santa Clara Historical Society, and as a member at large on the Hakone Gardens board.


Program Director
Fatima Guadamuz-Cabral
Fatima Guadamuz-Cabral is the Import/Customs Compliance Manager at LSI Logic Corporation. Fatima established the department and manages a team of Import Specialists and support staff. In her capacity at LSI, Fatima is responsible for monitoring compliance, developing policies and procedures to implement regulatory requirements and providing compliance measurement metrics for LSI's freight forwarder and brokerage providers. She joined LSI in 1998 and was International Traffic Supervisor before establishing a separate customs group. Prior to joining LSI Logic, Fatima was with KSI Corporation from 1983-1998. During that time she was NAFTA Team Manager, contractor for Hewlett-Packard Company from 1994-1998. Fatima holds a B.A., in Urban Studies from San Francisco State University and is a licensed U.S. Customs Broker. She is fluent in Spanish. She is active in PAEI, is a WIT-NC corporate member, and heads the parents' organization at her daughter's school.

Lydia McClure
Lydia McClure is the Manager, Corporate Trade for Applied Materials, Inc. In this capacity she is responsible for global compliance programs for Applied Materials trade operations. Prior to joining Applied, Lydia was Global Trade and Compliance Manager for JDS Uniphase Corporation. She has held similar positions with 3Com Corporation, Microsoft, NewGen Systems, AST Computer, and Siemens. Lydia is the incumbent Chairman, OWIT Representative and Past President of Women in International Trade-Northern California. Lydia has served on the board of several international trade associations including, Women in International Trade- Orange County as Chairman, President, Vice President, Secretary and Director, Professional Development. She has also served as a Director of the International Marketing Association.


Marketing Director
Megan Aslaksen - Urusan Consulting
Megan Aslaksen is with Urusan Consulting, is a consultant for the Hewlett-Packard Global Trade Facilitation and Internal Policy team since April 2002. In her position, she is responsible for various customs policy issues including WCO classification, Revised Kyoto Convention, WCO Customs Data Model, and related issues. Prior to coming to HP, Megan has held positions at Faulkner & Gray, a diverse publishing company owned by Thompson Financial Services; the California Trade and Commerce Agency, Office of Export Development; as well as the US Department of Commerce. Megan graduated with an MBA in International Management and Chinese Studies Certificate from the Monterey Institute of International Studies, Fisher Graduate of International Business. While at the Monterey Institute, her area of focus was international trade. She holds an undergraduate degree in French and Spanish from Illinois State University. Having lived, studied and traveled extensively in France, Spain and the People's Republic of China, Megan is fluent in French, Spanish and has advanced Mandarin skills.


Event Coordinator
Susan Gleason - Fujitsu America
Susan Gleason is the Director of Corporate Customs and Tax for Fujitsu America. Susan served as the event coordinator for WIT-NC in 2001

Elia Quiros - Hitachi Global Storage Technologies
Elia Quiros is a Senior Export Compliance Specialist at Hitachi Global Storage Technologies. She is responsible for supporting the global export compliance program for subsidiaries spread out over 40+ countries. She enjoys the experience of the contact with people from all over the world and being able to assist and meet long-distance colleagues and learn about their cultures, languages, and the differences (and similarities) to our way of doing business. She hopes to be able to provide the same dedication and support to WIT membership and the Board


Membership Co-Director
Renee Roe - Extreme Networks
Renee Roe is Global Trade & Compliance Manager at Extreme Networks, Inc. In her current role, she is responsible for overseeing the development and execution of corporate trade compliance policies and guidelines to ensure that Extreme's global business operations are compliant with U.S. and international trade regulations. Prior to her current role at Extreme, she held various positions during their start up phase, including Global Traffic & Logistics Manager. Earlier in her career she has held management positions in import, consulting, and international transportation, and has also been a small international business owner. She holds an undergraduate degree in International Management, has been a WIT corporate member for two years, and was a WIT-NC Membership Committee member in 2004.


Membership Co-Directors
Andrea Appell, Hewlett Packard
Andrea Appell works for Hewlett Packard in Global Customs Compliance / Trade Facilitation. Andrea focuses on WCO issues, classification, customs compliance training and awareness programs, and the valuation of merchandise imported domestically and abroad. Andrea has held positions at Urusan Consulting, Qiva, and FedEx Trade Networks managing the US, Latin American, and European preferential trade programs and ensuring compliance in customs duty, tax, and regulatory matters. She speaks both Spanish and Romanian and has been active in WIT-NC since 2002 and has been active in WIT-NC since 2002.

Junko Otsuka - Open Harbor
Junko Otsuka was the first employee at Open Harbor, whose vision is to make cross border trade as easy as domestic trade with its global trade management service. As part of the version 1.0 product management team, Junko helped pioneer a new paradigm for global trade management. In her current role of product marketing, she managed the sponsorship for the recent O-WIT annual conference in Dallas, Texas. Junko's passion for international business and promoting women makes positions such as co-director for membership of WIT-NC a great opportunity for her.


Membership Development
Monika Sandman - Urusan Consulting Monika Sandman is the principal of Urusan Consulting, a firm providing consulting services to major corporations (HP, Agilent Technologies, Cisco Systems, etc.) in the areas of import/export management and automation tools development.


Lydia McClure - Applied Materials Inc
Marian Duntley - Toyota Motor Sales
Laura Ipsen - Cisco Systems
Amy Hamilton - Cisco Systems


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