About Us


OWIT 20th AnniversaryWIT-NC is a non-profit organization founded in 1989. For over 20 years, WIT-NC has been a trusted resource for the San Francisco Bay Area, providing programs, training and education in global trade to local trade professionals. As an active force in the international trade community, WIT-NC works to expand business skills and public awareness of international trade issues.

WIT-NC is an affiliate chapter of the Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT), with member chapters in cities worldwide.

Mission: To foster a collaborative environment on global trade best practices through our timely and relevant programs.

Vision: Distinguish WIT-NC as the best and most sought after organization for global trade information and programs.


Excellence: To be the best global trade resource in Northern California by educating the trade community on current international trade issues and enhancing business skills through workshops and seminars.

Community: To be a part of an international trade business community, providing leadership, networking opportunities and endowment.

FEATURES: WIT-NC offers members:

  • Monthly programs, seminars and workshops
  • A forum to receive the latest global trade information, updates and best practices on an on-going basis
  • Access to key industry and government leaders who address international trade and logistics issues
  • Reciprocal OWIT membership
  • Nationwide membership directory listing
  • Members-only services

CURRENT MEMBERS: WIT-NC members are professional women and men whose careers encompass all aspects of international trade, including:

  • Importers
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Customs Brokers
  • Technology solutions providers
  •  Exporters
  • Marketing
  • Law
  • Logistics
  • Transportation